Dr. Michael Th. Kris, MD, FRSMMTK ZMM

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81547 München
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Welcome to my website 


In the majority of assignments I act as a SWAT man in clinical R&D. However, due to some 30 years of professional experience, clients hire me for specific detailed challenges that are not necessarily limited to clinical R&D. As a trained traumatologist with perennial clinical and industrial practices I have carried out for more than thirty years strategic consulting, and hands-on leading & management of projects in the life science business. Assignments cover but are not limited to interim/project management in clinical R&D, (business) development, re-organization, consulting, monitoring of clinical trial sites,  medical writing, and expert opinions in healthcare.

My aim: To link medical sciences (R&D) with return-of-investment orientated business.

My focus: Client’s satisfaction and quick return on Investment.

My mission: Salutogenetic Consulting resulting from more than 30 years of medical experience.

For tax reasons I am organized in a limited liability company called Science & Communication SC GmbH – shortly SC GmbH. The name of my company is based on my persuasion that science has to be communicated to become effective and efficient (see also Knowledge Management).

Please contact me in confidence to see how I can be of assistance.